Helical Tie Backs

A tie back is a horizontal wire or rod, or a helical anchor used to reinforce retaining walls for stability.


  • used to stabilize existing walls that are failing or bowing inward 

  • Used for adding strength in newly construction walls

  • Used to stop shear movement of foundation and retaining walls

How to Install 

  • A hole is cored through the wall 

  • The helical anchor is screwed in to the soil past the zone of soil that is moving towards the wall to secure the wall against further movement

  • A wall plate is mounted to add strength and stability to the previously-compromised wall.


  • Very high capacity that are proofed during installation

  • Can be designed to stop all types of movement form lateral soil pressure

  • Quick installation and return to service 

  • No excavation required on the high-grade side of foundation or retaining walls.

  • Installs with either handheld or small equipment in areas of limited or tight access

  • Available with hot-dipped galvanized coating for added corrosion resistance

Notes: OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands.