Round Shaft Helical Piles

  • Shaft material: Seamless high tensile pipe, conforms to ASTM A500 GRADE B

  • Helices material: ASTM A36 Hot rolled plate

  • Corrosion protection conform to ASTM A153 standard for hot dipped zinc coating

  • Leading edge of Helices beveled 45 degrees

  • Greater Section Modulus Strength to resist Twisting and Deflection

  • Greater Load Capacities

 Shaft Size (inch)Wall Thick(inch) Helix Thick(inch) Lead Length(ft)Helix Size(inch)Extension Length (ft)
2.875 OD.0.2623/8 or 1/23ft/5ft/7ft/10ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
3.00 OD.0.2383/8 or 1/23ft/5ft/7ft/10ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
3.50 OD.0.254/0.3003/8 or 1/23ft/5ft/7ft/10ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
4.50 OD.0.290/0.3373/8 or 1/25ft/7ft/10ft/12ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
5.50 OD.0.3623/8 or 1/25ft/7ft/10ft/12ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
6.625 OD.0.5623/8 or 1/25ft/7ft/10ft/12ft8/10/12/143ft/5ft/7ft/10ft

Notes:OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands.