For those seeking a reliable alternative to wood piles, Better Screw Co's galvanized steel screw piles are the perfect choice for supporting docks and boathouses. Our helical piles are engineered to provide optimal strength, safety, and durability, thanks to their superior engineering and corrosion resistance. They can be anchored deep in the ground of waterways to support most types of docks and boathouses.

Our helical piles come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. They offer exceptional compression and tension performance, making them ideal for supporting your dock or boathouse. The quick installation process enables you to avoid excavation and begin construction as soon as the piles are installed, even in restricted areas that would typically be difficult to access. Additionally, they are more economical than traditional concrete foundations, making them a cost-effective option. Don't overlook this added advantage when considering your foundation needs.