Helical Mooring Anchors are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to traditional mushroom, deadweight, and pile anchors for boat owners, harbormasters, and marina managers. They are installed to the bottom of the mooring area into competent soil to provide secure anchoring and are connected to the buoy with suitable connections.

As a professional OEM manufacturer, we can manufacture the helical mooring anchors according to your detailed specifications. Usually, the high-load marine anchor is built on a solid, square shaft and protected with hot-dipped galvanizing. As an environment-friendly product, we’re glad to see that our helical mooring anchors are widely used in various marine environments in America, Canada, Australia some Europe countries, etc. Our high-quality helical mooring anchors with reasonable prices, not only have contributed to the protection of the local water environment, but have brought huge profits for our clients, and made them more aggressive in their local market.