Leading Manufacturer of Helical Piles


As the largest and most professional overseas manufacturer of helical piles, we made millions of quality helical & screw piles, helical piers, extensions, foundation brackets, caps and relevant accessories for our clients all over the world during the past 10 years. It’s difficult to find another overseas company which made as many as our specifications. Our rich production experience ensures us have enough ability to make perfect products according to clients’ demand.


Reliable Quality


We accumulate rich OEM experience to make all kinds of different specifications in helical piles field. No matter the standard styles or some custom style, we may have done more than you’ve ever seen. All of our products are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant market standard, America Standard AWS D1.1 & EURO Standard EB287 & Canada standard CSA W59-03, CWB etc. No other overseas company can be compared with us on the experience of these standards, as we have made millions of quality products.


Competitive Price


You can’t believe how competitive of our prices before checking quotations with us. We keep our prices aggressive through low inventory, quick cash flow and experienced production program. This is an era of global division of labor. As contractor, if you don’t have international view and creative purchasing channel, still reply on traditional domestic channels like your other competitors, how can your company stand out from competitions?


Professional Service


Our professional service including professional quality, professional packaging, professional transport program and all the service from order to delivery to your location. Our service quality is based on thousands of times experience in the past 10 years. This is not rookie and unprofessional supplier can compare with.


"The Best OEM Manufacturer Of Helical Piles"

                                                                                                          --Better Screw Co.