The solar industry is constantly evolving and finding new, innovative ways to harness solar energy. Solar panels require a strong, durable foundation and in most cases using helical piles for solar panel foundations and solar panel mounting is the best option available.

With the demand for solar energy growing, solar contractors need to have a reliable ground mounting foundation that can be quickly installed. Helical piles are a smart choice since they can be augured into place in just minutes, and the piles’ self-testing design gives a clear measurement of their support during installation. As a supporter of green, low carbon and environment-friendly, we are glad to see that our helical pile's products are widely used in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, some European countries etc. We are committed to supplying good quality products with the most competitive prices to help the customers win the bids. Our helical piles are ideal for reducing project construction time, saving energy and reducing the impact on the environment. We are proud that we are still making contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection decades later.