Light pole support piles are a quick and reliable foundation method for at-grade and above-grade applications to support street, site and parking light poles. The light pole support anchor systems are installed with hydraulic rotary equipment that turns the foundation into the ground with the assistance of a helix-shaped plate that acts as a screw for ease of installation.

Only first-quality steel. Every one of our parts, from the smallest nut to the largest pile, is made from only first-quality steel with properties guaranteed to meet the material and welding standards in America, Canada, Australia and some European countries, etc. The light pole support pile is the most solid foundation of street lamps, which can ensure that the street lamps can pass the warmth and bright light to the people, like the sun during the day. We will continue to manufacture the most solid helical light pole anchors for clients from all over the world and spread the warmth to every corner of the world.