1. What specifications of helical piles can you make?

We can make helical piles and related accessories of any specifications required for your project. Just tell us the size and material you need and we will produce according to your requirements. You design, we make, thats our business.

2. Do your products meet our local standards and fully meet our needs?

Of course, because we are engaged in OEM business, which means we produce according to customers specified standards, dimensions, and materials, For example, for North American customers, we typically produce according to ASTM A500 Grade B and ASTM A 500 Grade C material standards and ASTM A 123 hot-dip galvanizing standards. For European customers, we usually adhere to European EB 287 welding standards. The product standards and design are the same as your local standards, with the main difference being that our costs are more competitive.

3. What's the MOQ?

Our customers generally use 20 or 40-foot containers for transportation. The loading capacity of the container depends on the shape, length and weight of the product. You can provide us with the specific specifications and let us help you to calculate it.

4. What fields are your helical pile customers in?

Helical has a wide range of application fields and is mainly used in the following areas. If you have any needs in other fields, you can contact us at any time.

Applications fields: Decks / Building and House Footings / Carport Foundation/ Garage Footings / Cabin and Cottage Footings / Balconies / Exterior Stair Footings / Fence Footings / Gazebos / Home Addition Foundation / Clothesline / Mailbox / Manufactured and Modular Home Footings / Shed Footings / Sunrooms and Solarium Footings / Swimming Pool Footings Reinforced / Agricultural Tent Foundation System / Boardwalks, Footbridges and Bridge Footings / Guard Rail or Bollard Installation / Cellphone Towers / Container Footings / EV Charger Installation / Lamp Post Footings / Parks and Schools / Railways Built / Billboard or Signage Foundation / Silo or Greenhouse Foundations/ Solar Panels / Warehouse Foundation Built / Wind Turbine Foundation System / Oil and Gas Pipelines / House Foundations / Retaining Wall Reinforced / Underpinning Foundation Project / Dock and Boathouse Foundations / Mooring Systems and More......

5. How much does a helical piles cost?

Better Screws helical piles are a cost-effective long-term solution. There are many factors to consider when estimating the cost, such as the length, specification of helical pile required and the purchase quantity. Please contact to get more detailed quotation.


1. How about your lead time?

Usually, the production time for one container is about 6 to 8 weeks. If you order many containers one time, our production time for the first container load is about 6~8 weeks, and the rest containers can be finished every 7~10 days apart. And the shipping time depends on your place of delivery.

2. Is it complicated to purchase your products if we have never imported?

The whole process is very easy. We can take charge of the whole process from producing to shipping the products directly to your company. Even if your company never imported, please don’t worry about it. Our agent in your country can deal with the customs clearance and inland transportation affairs for you. You just need to stay in your warehouse to wait your products.


1. What is your advantage comparing with our local suppliers?

Our advantage is the price and the ability to customize products according to customers' requirements, which allows you to buy the same quality products for less money, increasing your market competitiveness.

2. Do your helical piles come with a warranty?

We are so confident in the quality of our helical piles that we offer a 50-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

3. If we want to buy the containers that our loaded, what should we do?

If you want to keep the container, generally need you to tell us before shipping. We will communicate with the shipping company for you or purchase the affordable containers for you in advance.

4. What is your payment term?

Our payment term is the same as the most popular way of international trade, which is T/T. We can receive the payment 1-3 days after you made payment.