Light Pole Anchors

Our light pole foundation anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above grade 

applications to support street, site and parking light poles. The light pole support anchor systems are installed 

with hydraulic rotary equipment that turn the foundation in to the ground with the assistance of a helix shaped 

plate that acts as a screw for ease of installation. 

Light pole foundation anchors are manufactured with high grade steel to ensure the high load support. The top of round pipe is welded with a square plate. The common diameters of round pipe have 4” (102mm), 6.63” (168mm), 8.63” (219mm), 10.75” (273mm), etc. Helices diameter have 10” (254mm), 12” (305mm), 14” (256mm), etc. Available in different anchor lengths 5’ (1.5m), 7’ (2m), 8’(2.4m) ,10’ (3m) and so on. Hot dipped galvanized surface treatment ensure a long service life.

Notes:OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands.

Features are as bellows:

  • Economic

  • Quick Installation

  • No Spoils Created

  • All Weather Installation 

  • No Vibration Installation 

  • Permanent or Temporary Applications

  • No Concrete Cure Time

  • Environmentally Friendly 

  • Immediate LoadingCapabilities 

  • Made in China

Light Pole Foundations are Engineered for: 

  • Street Lighting

  • Parking Lot Lighting

  • Decorative Light Poles

  • Highway Signage

  • Monopoles

  • Foundation Support